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To obtain a good fire you need the set of three components:

- Combustible material,

- Air

- Temperature for the combustible material to ignite.


Any of the three elements missing fire does not occur or does so poorly.


FULLKARVO, by its physical design provides two components: Combustible material (the cardboard with which it is built), and air (which provides it through the shape of its design).

Finally, the flame of the ignition that we incorporate with the wick gives the starting point for the fire then aided by more combustible material such as charcoal or wood.


FULLKARVO was designed following the principle of "chimney effect", taking advantage of the fact that hot air tends to rise due to its lower density.

The FULLKARVO Combustion Tube, (small diamond) guarantees that this air flow is produced by first turning on the Partition Wall and the Combustion Tube itself.

When both are consumed it continues the "chimney effect" product of its design, forming a "volcano", with the external structure, of FULLKARVO, that maintains the form so that the effect is durable and effective.


You can use FULLKARVO to easily light your charcoal on a BBQ,  or on a any outdoor activity, after hunting or fishing


FULLKARVO another product made in USA with recycled cardboard and vegetable ink.

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